Mallow Physiotherapy has ceased trading

Due to unforeseen information  that only came to light today, it is with great regret I have had to review my decision to return to work this month. My absence would now be extended to the point of making any planned return unfair to clients and unfeasible. With this in the forefront of my mind I've decided to cease practicing as a physiotherapist for the foreseeable future.

Thank you to my clients for their patience and understanding for my extended absence due to personal injury.  I have worked in Mallow as physiotherapist since 2008, and have had a loyal supportive client base to whom I am extremely grateful, and with whom it has been my privilege to work with. In the clinic, many of you have cried, more of you have laughed, and most of you have bitterly complained about the pain of therapy before coming back for more!!!....but there are very few who haven't brought a smile to my face or enriched my life with your own stories, determination and positivity.  And that is such a gift, thank you!

If you have any outstanding queries please contact me through the clinic email address which will remain active until the beginning of December.  

Perhaps our paths might cross again, take care all,
Kindest Regards,
Ruth Galvin

8th September 2017